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Kali mantra to remove black magic

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Kali mantra to remove black magic is the one and the only thing which will surely help you to let you come out of the harm of black magic. As well as, black magic is one of the most harmful things. Similarly, for once if it has made its full approach over one completely. Then the individual can’t find himself easily come out of it. There is nothing like the power of black magic. Thus one can’t find the way out of it if the individual gets trapped over by it. 

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The powerful and surpassing kali mantra to remove black magic in Hindi

If you are fed up with the harmful effect of black magic over you, you are not finding the right way through which you could come out of it. The black magic day by day has been turning your life like a hell. You are fed up with you, you want to overcome it. Then here is one of the best kali mantra to remove black magic, which will proportionately help you to find out the way out of black magic

“ommm kali kali mahakalii brahmaa ki beti inder ki saali dono haath bajave taali 
hankini dankini ko bhasm kare allah bismillah ko bhasm kare 
nau naath chaurasi siddhon ko bhasm kare nau naarsinh solah sinduon ko bhasm kare 
bavan veer chausanth yogini ko bhasm kare assi masan nabbe bhairoon ko bhasm kare
lage lagay ko bhasm kare bheje bhejay ko bhasm kare chale kali ka khanda dusht rakshas ko kare tabah
jadoo jantar mantar tantar phoonk kar kare swah chale mantar phure vacha 
dekhon kali kalkate wali tera ilam chot ka tamasha”

How to chant the kali mantra to remove black magic in hindi?

  • This mantra can be started from any auspicious day like Diwali, Holi or any eclipse.
  • Lit an incense & oil lamp before the picture of goddess kali.
  • Wear black clothes for this purpose. 
  • Similarly, chant 1008 times of this mantra with black hakeek mala at night.
  • After this the mantra will be siddh.
  • After completion chants 1 mala of this mantra and gives some water or clove, or cardamom or ash to the suspected member on whom the black magic is presumed to be done.
  • This is a very powerful and tested mantra.

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